Lawrence Lee Johnson
VISC 110
My time and experience with social media, specifically Facebook, is annoying when I am looking up usually most of the time, unnecessary stuff on the website, only people who have nothing else to do with their agenda can only do these things. Same goes for go to online clubs that really should not be worth one’s time, especially when he or she has a significant schedule and should not be taking breaks more often. I for one is not like people, even
celebrities, such as Jaden Smith who spouts out random words on Twitter, which makes most others think that he should go back to school, so what to say once he is done with at least high school. It is kind of funny that I should mention that most people who are not fully educated in my opinion. To be honest, even though I do Facebook at some times than not, I really should not be going to social media for whatever reason, unless I have finished everything in my life agenda in which I have not yet. Even if one relies on social media to get their jobs,
they should actually watch on what they are putting on their social web page, because what I heard during interviews, for the interviewer may have the privilege of looking up on their web page to
see if the interviewee may have other things in mind like smoking weed and/or committing murder, otherwise that will risk into having the interviewee being exposed to who he or she really is and will most likely be fired right on the spot. And believe me or not, but social media
is almost actually like a roadblock that can be removed if one is acutely aware of their obstacles that will slow them down if not stop them in their tracks and assures that they will not come across it under any circumstances. People who have yet to succeed in reaching their career goal is not to even do social media ever, because that will be more like a minor, if not a major setback while on the train of progress at the risk of being derailed and falling off a cliff into the water,
resulting for the conductor (student) having to swim out of the water and returning back to their train station (Square 1), starting ALL over again or worst never to succeed in fulfilling your future at all. The reason I am saying all of this is because my father convince me to focus more on what is more important in college, passing certain classes before transferring to IUPUI and get one step closer to reaching my career goal and never to be going to social media for whatever reason, and once again assuring that I remain on my path of success, while avoiding any hazards that will either slow me down or even derail me off the track nor stumble into any unnecessary crossroads in any other way, because, in the real world, there are NO shortcuts and
NO substitutions in hard work.


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