Short Response Paper

Short Response Paper of Batman’s Gadgets

Lawrence Johnson

Ivy Tech

Sheliah Craft

March 22, 2016

Batman is one of the best superheroes ever known and the best of best heroes that has NO superpowers. Batman may his very first debut on May 1939, vowing to fight criminals in the name of vengeance, after witnessing the murder of his parents since he was child. Since that Batman has no superpowers, he trains himself both physically and intellectually and with the persona of a bat, the Caped Crusader knows he is getting his job if his enemies is afraid of MORE than just his shadow. He is almost like the Modern-Day Version of Sherlock Holmes, since he is both a detective, a crime-fighter, and a ninja. As a skilled ninja, the Dark Knight uses the darkness to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies in the night. Batman fights crime with all of gadgets, from Batarangs to the Bat-Claw, and from the Bat-Mobile to the Batwing direct or indirect. All of Batman’s gadgets are small enough to fit in his utility belt, which is more far-fetched than others known to men, such as thermite bombs, which may be smaller than actual hand grenades, but they both burn through obstacles three times than the temperature of molten magma from a volcano. The most iconic gadgets that Batman mostly uses in action are his Batarangs and the Grapple Gun dubbed ‘The Bat-Claw”, the Batarangs in comic books when they are thrown, they function like boomerangs, while in real life when they are thrown, they function like shurikens also known as Ninja Stars, which are shaped into Batman’s design. And Batman’s Bat-Claw’ in comparison with a rope ascender can both lift up to 500 pounds. What was honestly confusing to me at first is that Night Vision, which is obviously used to see in the dark, was actually assumed to be heat vision or thermal vision like from the Predator.

What was interesting to me, and perhaps to everyone else, is even in the early years, Batman’s Bat Computer in the Bat-cave are advanced like a supercomputer, unlike other computers during his timeline, enough to keep tabs of Gotham City and the villains and the actions they do in the City, before confronting them in person. The word that has affected me as I type this response paper after watching the Documentary is “reality”, because a few people who may or may not be a huge fan of Batman puts all of their own imaginations into their fullest and uses their imaginations to design vehicles and gadgets, similar to what Batman uses, in order to use them to improve people’s lives. Batman is also skilled with not just technology, but with science as well by creating other gadgets such as types of Batarangs, such as electrical shock, knock down darts, grenades, and remote-controlled Batarangs, smoke pellets, which are actually smoke bombs, and a stun gun, which is basically an everyday Taser like policemen used in the present day.

Now onto the Bat Suit itself, what was highly impressive about it, is that The Bat Suit is similar to what other heroes wear in real life, such as firefighters, policemen, and even army soldiers. The Bat Suit is not just some suit of protection, but it is also a symbol, not just the bat symbol on its chest though. Later as time went on, the Bat Suit needed to be more advanced, so he can easily defend himself against the most toughest villains while fighting crime. The body armor is made out of ceramic plating, which makes it almost bulletproof and can also stop knives from getting near the wearers’ skin, later on extremely light and flexible titanium body armor called titanium dipped tri-weave fibers, which grant’s Batman greater mobility while in action. Not only that, the Bat Suit is also made out of Nomex, which is some fire-resistant fiber, which is similar to what firefighters used to wear to protect themselves when they rescue people in a burning building, which explains why Batman is almost fireproof. Batman’s Lightweight Fabric’s cape in the movies is made out of a fictional material called, ‘memory cloth’, which is almost a solid object, like magnetism, it also allows Batman to glide in midair. both of which cannot fly but only glide, which was actually surprising to me. Batman’s cape is similar to the present day wing-suits that allows people to glide in the air from mountains.

There have been many versions of Bat-Mobiles that have been designed and upgraded throughout the years, way back since some of the very first Bat-Mobiles has a shark-like fin on the back. The Dark Knight Version of the Bat-Mobile’s armor is protective against bullets, it’s jet engine allows the car to move 130 miles per hour; and it has a stealth mode, which can tone down the Bat-Mobile’s engine and turn off the headlights to be concealed from enemy sights. In the Dark Knight Movie, after the Bat-mobile is now in no condition after being with a rocket launcher on the Gotham City Tunnelway, Batman would then use the new Bat-Pod, which is a half motorcycle, half lethal weapon, which is technically an, ‘escape-pod’, so Batman will be back in action on the road. The Bat-Pod can only be turned by using Batman’s shoulders, not with his hands, due to no steering handles like every day motorcycles, it also has two engines mounted inside the wheels, not in its frame.

Today in real life, like I have mentioned earlier a certain few of Batman’s fans at a certain age it is actually a possibility that we will be having a lot of people following Batman’s footsteps by designs these vehicles and other kinds of gadgets similar to what Batman used to confront his archenemies, such as the Joker, Two-Face, the Penguin, even big and strong villains like Bane and Mr. Freeze behind the screen, thus making them no longer fantasy as most people normally thought it would.


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