Public Speaker Critique

Lawrence Johnson

Mrs. Dina David


Pastor Jeffery A. Johnson

Pastor, Sunday, April 12, 2015, Eastern Star Church, 9:40, 9:40-10:20.

The Pastor Jeffery A. Johnson’s desired purpose is to give us some important advice on how to live well, while reading and understanding important lessons that can be read from the Bible. It is known, because these lessons mostly take place at church. The occasion for this speech is that the Pastor is here to inform us what lesson that were taught from the Bible, and how do we learn from it. It’s also strongly considered by the pastor himself.

The demographic of the audience are a lot of people who arrived to church to hear the word of the Lord every Sundays. The attitudinal make-up of the audience is that they’ve arrived up and about and are highly encouraged to either use those lessons taught from the Pastor to accomplish their certain goals or to follow that person’s footsteps to succession or not.

The main points of the speech are that we all can learn each lesson of that person’s story while reading the Word from the Bible. In the Bible, the pastor explains to the audience what occurred to a specific person’s life of what he/she has been through, like Jesus for example, and to determine if we were to follow that person’s footsteps or not. All of the lessons of the Word can be read from the Bible.
The introduction was effective, because the attention getter was really catchy and it was really easy to understand while reading the Word from the Bible, even we had 4 different versions of the Bible itself.  The conclusion was effective, because once after the lesson is taught to us, we would then understand what the story of one’s life was really trying to us and how we can use that lesson to improve our lifestyle, once we step out to the outside world. The types of supports that were used by the pastor are by movies, usually that were watched by young adults. The choices that were made by the pastor are highly effective, because watching those certain movies that relate to the Bible is also useful into learning lessons. The types of organizational strategies that were used by the Pastor are starting baptism in certain churches in certain services. They were also highly effective.

The Pastor was credible, by remembering the Word from God himself by heart, and passes the Word on to teach the audience in the sanctuary, onto how we can learn from that lesson. The Pastor’s use of language is by using one version of the Bible to read out the verses of the Word to the audience, even though other people has other different versions of the Bible.
The Pastor has no use of physical and vocal delivery to the audience, but has use of other elements of delivery, such as delivery the Word from God to the audience, so we would understand what it means and how we can learn from it.

My overall reaction to the speech and event was happiness, because for some other stories that was read from the Bible highly encouraged all of us to be like that person, like Daniel from the Lion’s Den, for example. It’s also recommended to avoid becoming those nobles who plotted Daniel’s whom were immediately thrown into the Den. The entire speech was by the Pastor whom started strong and conclude the speech strong.

Overall, what that I could do to incorporate into my own speaking, is by reading that one lesson from the Bible, and then explain to the audience about what that lesson is really trying to teach us; including citing other pastors or less onto how that lesson can really get us into doing into what we really need to do in order to achieve our own goals.


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